Security equals Success

Counter measures against economic crime and industry espionage


Value-adding Analysis

Business projects are not only an economic challenge but implicate many specific security risks that need to be managed by the responsible executives. Those risks are often connected with the involved parties and uncertainties with regard to the geopolitical and socio-economic terrain. Regularly updated analysis and reports, that take into account the perspective of all relevant parties, allow our clients to focus on their core competencies even in light of a highly dynamic and complex environment.

Safe Investment

The credibility and trustworthiness of all involved parties make the difference between success or failure when it comes to the profitability of investment decisions. Our intelligence-based analysis and screenings protect the legitimate financial interests of our clients. Our business competence and experiences in international finance are key to our understanding of complex projects. In addition, we support your decision making process related to critical staffing that requires a high level of confidence and trust.


of incidents have not been  investigated.

Economic and industry espionage – BM.I, IV, WKO, FH Vienna – 2011.

Legitimate Interests

Decades of experience in State Security in Austria and abroad combined with expertise in the fields of Business, Finance, Law, and IT help to find innovative solutions to protect your legitimate interests. We investigate reasonable suspicions, find evidence, and take care of the sensitive communication with authorities if required. Lessons learned from incidents as well as suspicions are made available to the whole organization. We are at your side to protect your intellectual property and the reputation of your company.



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