Security equals Success

Counter measures against economic crime and industry espionage


No Compromises

To discuss security-related questions requires a high level of trust. Ultimately, the topic is a lot more delicate than most others, including financial matters. As a consequence, we make no compromises with regard to the recruitment of our operative forces. Our close protection specialists have been trained at the level of State Security and have years of experience in government missions and private contracts in Austria and abroad. To avoid any compromises on your side with respect to your living quality, privacy, and freedom of action, our forces operate true to our credo “as close as necessary, as extensive as possible”.

Worldwide Protection


Our clients have an international and exclusive lifestyle. We make sure that the individuals and families we protect are able to live and conduct their business in a carefree way across borders. An international network of trusted and experienced specialists helps us to maintain the highest standards of protection wherever you are. For business projects in dynamic parts of the world we design reliable security solutions that are put into action together with strong local partners.

Integrated Security

As your trusted and reliable partner, we are in the position to master every security-related challenge together with you. Operative forces at the level of State Security are a pivotal part of our services. All security operations benefit from our Strategic Scenario Mapping approach that supplies critical analysis for each mission briefing, execution and post mortem. Taking into account the perspective of potential aggressors is critical not only for our Consulting and Intelligence services, but also for our Protection operations.



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